jeudi 16 avril 2015

Howto - Move a table to different schema with no outage

I remember a time when it was debate if views can be useful for a web oriented workload ?

This post is about one good use case:

The  story is that some tables have been creating into a schema and used by the application into same connection.

Later on some more schema have been added to separate data for multiple application domain but still using original table, kind of cross domain universal table.

With addition of many new domains, a new global schema was added storing freshly create universal tables.

The question was how to move back the old table in the correct new schema without stopping availability of the service ?

We decided to use a view that point to the physical table. Change the application to use the view and later atomically switch the table and the view.

Here is the test case for doing that :

-- Create schemas

-- Create table in schema 1
CREATE TABLE schema1.t1 (
  id int

-- Create views in schema 2
CREATE VIEW schema2.t1 AS SELECT * FROM schema1.t1;
-- Create dummy view on view in schema 1 
CREATE VIEW schema1.t1_new AS SELECT * FROM schema2.t1;

-- Changing the API 

-- Switch schema 1 table and schema 2 view
RENAME TABLE schema2.t1 TO schema2.t1_old,
  schema1.t1 TO schema2.t1,
  schema1.t1_new TO schema1.t1;

Is there some other path ? Surely some triggers + insert ignore like done in OAK or Pt Online Alter table but i also remember a time when it was debate if triggers can be useful for a web oriented workload :)

Thanks to Nicolas @ccmbenchmark for contributing the test case.

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